Stolway Flameproof HVAC

Flameproof HVAC

Ex Air Cooled Chillers and Condensing Units

Stolway Flameproof Chillers and Condensing Units are engineered to suit customer specifications for both on and offshore applications.

We have the flexibility to design and manufacture equipment exactly as required by our customer within short lead times. For larger capacities we typically use leading technology Bitzer CSH compact screw type compressors, which Stolway has developed for use in Zone 1 hazardous gas areas. Screw compressors provide excellent reliability, feature integral start unloading, are exceptionally quiet in operation and are virtually vibration free. Capacity control is infinite or step between 100% and 25%, providing close temperature
control along with optimum energy efficiency.

End User: Kuwait National Petroleum Co
Location: Kuwait
Capacity: 98kW DX cooling
Design Conditions: 49°C DB
Hazardous Area: IECEx Zone 1, Group IIB+H2, T3